Writing an Essay - The Easy Way

Written by TAs, former profs and pros

A lot of students may ask: “help me write my essay!” but the answer to that question is not a straightforward one. Writing an essay at college or university gives you the chance to explore ideas that interest you, and also invites you to solidify your own knowledge and opinions about a topic you want to delve into more deeply. This means that writing a good essay is connected to knowing what you want to say about something. The most worthwhile essays are ones where you can show that you are able to critically examine cultural, ethnic, economic, scientific or social ideas.


Getting help with essays begins with what’s important to you

Whether you need help with an essay, help with dissertations, or help with a thesis, the starting point is going to be the same. You need to look at what you usually assume and reflect on what your beliefs truly mean from an academic, rather than from a personal perspective.


Being academic means using your critical thinking skills. Being critical in this sense does not mean being negative about the world and what is going on. It means, instead, to not take ideas to be self-evident, but instead to examine the assumptions and reasoning behind them. In particular, be critical of extremely common and popular opinions.


A good example of a personal perspective is the opinion that highly literate cultures are more advanced than the kinds of cultures that do not have letter-based writing. A critical perspective, on the other hand, might suggest that cultures that do not have letter-based writing may have not needed this skill set because they have access to other resources that are more suited to their geographic location in the world.


There are some common roadblocks

Watch out for confirmation bias in your research. This means that you look for and find only the research that supports your opinion and not considering research that does not support you. Even if you have remarkable insight concerning a topic it will not be worth much unless you can logically and persuasively support it in the body of your essay.


In addition, formulating a thesis is not the first thing you do after reading the essay assignment. Deciding on a thesis does not come first. Before you can come up with a position on any topic, you have to have some research questions to look into, collect and organize evidence, look for possible relationships between known facts such as surprising contrasts or similarities. Only after can you begin to think about the beneath-the-surface significance of these relationships.


After this initial exploration of the question at hand, you can formulate a "working thesis," which is an argument or position that you think will make sense of the evidence but that may need adjustment along the way.


In other words, if you want to write an essay just like those written by TAs, former profs and pros, you need to be able to push beyond what most people believe and come up with your own take on an idea or theory.


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Here are the specific steps you’ll need to follow to write an essay well

1. Before writing your essay, write down in one or two sentences the specific question about your topic that you want to explore.
2. Plan out your hypothesis or initial answer to the essay question that you have posed as soon as you have one in mind.
3. Do your research and find out what has been discovered already by reading academic journal articles or books on the topic. Your professor will be more impressed if you use academic journal articles written in the last five years.
4. Refine your ideas and your position, which means that you may shift your ideas radically from your starting points. You may to rewrite your essay idea from scratch if you can’t prove your point.
5. Write about at least three major points that prove your hypothesis or that answer the question you set out for yourself. This might take three paragraphs, three pages, or even ten pages.
6. Finish by looking at the ideas that you have developed for your introductory paragraph of your essay again
7. Ensure that your concluding paragraphs reflect the research questions or thesis that you wanted to address.


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