Scholarship Essay Examples: The Best and Why They Won

Getting started on your scholarship essay

When you are writing a scholarship essay, and want to look at the best and why they won, the most important thing to remember is that they always take a strong and specific stance on an issue. You need to be clear about your opinion on the world around you and what is important to you so that you can deliver your message clearly. No matter what topic you actually choose to write about, you will need to clearly and concisely communicate your argument in this essay.


Here are some winning examples of scholarship essays...


Pose a question that you answer

Here’s an example of a scholarship essay that poses a clear question to be addressed. It won because it showed the commitment of the writer to a specific point of view.


It is clear that the governments of the world must take action on global warming, but what is the best course of action to take? There are a number of different processes available which will lower our impact on the environment and also address our current rising temperatures. Some of these are better than others. We need to take a look at the different technologies that the government can use to lessen the impact of global warming and decrease our population’s reliance on fossil fuels and other energy sources that can cause global warming such as wind, hydro and solar technologies as well as geoengineering.


Compare two different ideas

This award-winning example essay demonstrates how comparing two different works of literature can show your ability to think critically.


This essay will examine the meaning of two short stories in which the authors explore the experiences of a female protagonist who has little ability to control her own fate. In both cases, this protagonist is facing a choice she does not want to have to make. As well, each of these two stories reveal that in order to deal with her isolation, each woman has an ability to make changes to shift her fate. Knowing this, the thesis of this essay is that Hemingway’s and Lawrence’s two stories provide insight into being a woman, and specifically how women were forced to rely on men which resulted in their own isolation.


Write about an inspirational figure

The focus of this essay example is that Coco Chanel changed the face of fashion because of her ability to hone in on what women wanted or needed to wear, rather than on what they were supposed to wear, as expected by society.


Chanel was one of the first people to use street fashion as an inspiration for her line of clothing. This signified a change in the way that people thought about clothing in general, which was a considerable influence on how fashion was designed going forward from Chanel’s time. Chanel believed that fashion had to be rational as well as beautiful. This is because women’s lives in her time period were changing from inside to outside of the home, so clothing for women needed to be more practical than it had in the past. Chanel stated that fashion was a separate entity from clothing design because of the fact that it was a reflection of the culture as well as of what people were actually wearing.


Connect classical ideas to modern values

A discussion of a major novel provides an excellent scholarship essay. The thesis of this essay was that Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice erodes sexist stereotypes of women, and this essay shows parallels between the past and the present.


Pride and Prejudice erodes sexist stereotypes of women, therefore, because Austen allows a non-stereotypical female character to succeed in her narrative, and be rewarded for her brave, atypical actions and attitude. This is shown by her ability to confront female roles and ideals, her ability to change men’s views of the value of women, and Austen’s ability to make a difference in the narrative voice of women during the Regency period. For these reasons, this book helps to break down the barriers separating men and women in society.


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