Writing Your Personal Statement Part 3: Submitting a Clean and Edited Essay

October 30, 2019 Writing Personal Statements

What many students don’t realize is that your personal statement will be carefully read not just for content, but also for the way it is written. The personal statement, also known as an admissions essay, statement of purpose or letter of intent, is a fundamental part of the application process for colleges and universities, professional programs and graduate schools. The personal statement allows you to cover all the information that you feel is important that isn’t included on the other application materials.

Not only will the admissions committee be looking for a well written essay that answers clearly and concisely any questions that have been asked, they are looking for evidence of critical thinking, analytical thinking, goal setting and academic prowess.

It is vitally important that your personal statement be well executed and thoroughly edited. Spelling and punctuation errors will certainly stand out, and grammatical errors will also be noted. When editing, pay attention to such things as being repetitive, straying off the task, or away from your thesis statement, not supporting your points and covering everything you are required to cover.

It is well worth getting someone to help read and edit a personal statement – being that it is so personal it can be harder to edit, or cut things or simply to read it objectively. This is likely one of the most important essays you will write, and submitting a polished and concise paper that covers everything in a well organized and well written essay that will stand out in the minds of the admission committee members is your ultimate goal.