Writing Your Personal Statement Part 2: Writing the essay

October 30, 2019 Writing Personal Statements

Like any other essay, your personal statement requires a solid thesis statement, except this time, it is completely personal. Most colleges and universities, graduate schools and professional programs require a personal statement, also known as an admissions essay or letter of intent. It is important to know precisely what is being asked of you, both in terms of the content and the length and style, and to be prepared before you begin to write, with a solid grasp of what information you’d like to convey.

Outline your main point, in response to the question being asked, in your thesis statement. Be sure to be concise and clear – you will have plenty of time to back your statement up, and this is your chance to set the tone and grab the attention of the admissions committee.

If you are being asked specific questions, be sure to answer them in detail. Don’t give generic or clichéd responses. You want your essay, and you, to stand out from the rest. Tell your story, be engaging and interesting and don’t bore the admissions committee, but at the same time, don’t be outrageous – you want them to want you in their program. You can share your past experiences, and explain what influenced you to take this path in a style similar to telling a story.

Be very sure to cover all the points that are required and to also include any information you feel is pertinent, that gives a solid image of who you are. This is your best, and quite possibly, only chance to reach the admissions committee and sell yourself.