Writing an Informal Essay

November 30, 2017

Informal essays are rare within the academic world however, they are required within specific courses and subjects. There are also assignments which require a personal element which require students to reflect on personal situations and experiences as well as provide personal opinions. This is a great opportunity to implement the course material and essay research.
When sharing personal information it is important to stay on topic and write as relevant an experience as possible. By justifying the reason why an example is used and relating it directly to the other essay content, the writer is being specific and effective. This demonstrates their ability to stay on task and take an informal requirement seriously.
Informal essays can also be just as much of a challenge as a formal one. Not only does the student have to come up with information on their own, but they also have to decide how to convey the information as well as ways to make it relevant to the learned material in the course.
Writing an informal essay allows the writer to place a bias within the essay as well as use humor and sarcasm to their advantage. It is refreshing to be able to put a personal spin on an academic paper as so many of them are academically-based. Although, the student should still keep in mind that it is to be written for an academic purpose and for that reason alone should think logically about how the information is going to be delivered.