Writing a Comparative Essay

June 30, 2017

When writing a comparative essay it is important to consider the strategies used to compare the topics at hand. Just because it is a comparative essay, does not meant that the writer can’t come to a final conclusion or have a personal bias. Depending on the topic, the writer may or may not choose to include their own bias within the essay.
If the essay, for example, is simply informing individuals about two specific items or strategies, then the writer should just focus on the facts and let the reader decide for themselves. However, if the essay is not particularly informative and it is geared more toward personal opinion, then the writer should definitely consider coming to a specific conclusion at the end.
It is best within a comparative essay to be clear within the introduction component to state the topics at hand and what is being compared. Following this, the writer should explain both components separately stating specific facts about each. Sometimes it can be beneficial to go back and forth between one topic and then to the other. This is recommended especially if specific facts are being mentioned and if it is beneficial for the reader to see two varying facts side by side.
Overall, when writing a comparative essay the importance of how the information is laid out is crucial. It can be easy to display the information in a way that is seen as confusing. So keep in mind that it is important to be as clear and precise as possible.