What Professors Expect: Plan Ahead and Succeed

November 30, 2017 Custom Essay Blog

There are certain approaches to essay writing that can have a very positive effect on your essay grade. These are the things that put your essay on the top of the pile rather than relegating your work to the bottom of the class. Here’s a short list of things to look out for when you are planning your next college or university essay so that you will gain your professor’s support and achieve your academic goals.


An essay that achieves a good grade is one where a position on the issue is formulated that draws from the evaluation of the theories. There is considerable evidence that your own position has been challenged and refined through your examination of the issue and the philosophical approaches. Your position is free of logical error, reasonably supported, and exhibits some originality.


An A paper is one that is able to identify strengths or weaknesses in the philosophical approaches, using the comparisons to weigh their relative strengths and weaknesses. Strengths or weaknesses beyond those addressed in class or in assigned readings are considered. Reasonable support is given for the evaluations or the theories and possible responses to the evaluations are considered.


Finally, a good essay is one that displays a strong awareness of the complexity in both the issue and in the philosophical approaches. Comparisons are drawn between the philosophical approaches, exploring both obvious and subtle points of comparison. Relevant background for the issue is given and a realistic sense of what is at stake with the issue is displayed.