Topics that make for an Interesting essay

May 31, 2017

One of the most challenging parts of the essay writing process is choosing a topic. Most individuals spend endless amounts of time contemplating the topic of their essay. On the other hand some people dive into a topic only to later discover that it is not as effective as they originally thought.
So what makes for an interesting essay topic? Firstly, it is important to write about something that interests the writer themselves. It may be meaningless for someone to spend time writing about a topic they cannot relate to or have any interest in. Even in an event where students have to write an essay pertaining to a course which they may not necessarily enjoy, it is still recommended that they find some aspect of the course that does catch their fancy and maybe this will inspire them to write an efficient essay.
Secondly, it is important to recognize how a reader or recipient might react to the topic. Choosing a controversial theme or a popular issue might catch the reader’s interest; and anything that is controversial and or popular will of course make for an interesting essay. Looking into current issues and events might help a writer decide what he or she might want to write about in order to develop a fascinating essay.
Thirdly, an essay should consist of solid resources and evidence to back up any significant points addressed. So, it is highly recommended that the writer choose a topic that can be sourced. Essentially the topic should be broad enough to find some relevant references.