The Persuasive Essay

October 31, 2019 The Different Types of Essays

Professors at colleges and universities assign a lot of essays to their students. One of the primary methods of grading research skills, understanding, processing and writing skills is through the use of essay papers. Though all essays follow the same basic format, there are a myriad of styles of essays, and it behoves students to understand the style they are being asked to write before they ever begin.


As there are some similarities, many students confuse the persuasive essay with the argumentative essay. Both essays centre on a thesis statement that has two clearly distinct points, and endeavour to influence the reader to follow the author’s point of view. The difference is that while the argumentative essay offers at least a glimpse into both sides of the topic, the persuasive essay is solely focused on the writer’s perspective.


The persuasive essay strives to persuade the reader to assume a point of view based only on the virtues of one viewpoint, by passively and didactically offering information on the issue. It is vital to begin the essay with an unambiguous and succinct thesis statement that defines both the topic and the writer’s standpoint. It is simplest, though perhaps not as educational or challenging, to choose a standpoint that you believe in, one that has accessible supporting evidence.


A good persuasive essay defines and presents the thesis in a straightforward way, offering compelling information to persuade and sway the reader in a style that does not ridicule the conflicting view. As with all essays, the closing statement should repeat the thesis sentence, stressing the key grounds to accept the idea.