The Narrative Essay

October 31, 2019 The Different Types of Essays

Essays are a standard part of coursework in nearly every class at colleges and universities. Though the fundamentals are the same for all essay papers, there is a variety of essay styles, and knowing what the expectations are for a particular type of essay will make writing so much easier.


The process of writing the narrative essay is essentially the same as creative writing, though with more formal guidelines. A narrative essay is a personal story, usually written from the author’s viewpoint, intended to communicate an experience in an entertaining way. In the vein of creative fiction, the use of expressive and descriptive language helps draw in the reader, captivating them and engaging them with the essay, while conveying the idea that they are reading a story. Distinct from much fiction, the narrative essay follows essay conventions, with a main idea that is outlined at the beginning of the essay, supported through the body and then summarized at the conclusion.


Your narrative essay can derive from a personal experience, or tell the story of someone else’s experiences. It should read and feel like creative fiction, but unlike some fiction, a good narrative essay will tell the complete story, without leaving unanswered questions or fragmentary thoughts. Like any essay, it should flow from the thesis statement with a focused point of view, closing with a reiteration of the point, and, though imaginatively presented, it doesn’t move realm of fiction. While subjective in nature and, and within the confines of personal perspective, there should be no content that isn’t actual fact.