The Argumentative Essay

October 31, 2019 The Different Types of Essays

When you start at a college or university, you will quickly find that one of your primary assignments is the essay. Thought they follow the same basic pattern, with a thesis statement, several paragraphs supporting said thesis statement, and then a closing statement in the final paragraph, there are in fact many types and styles of essays.


In an argumentative essay, you must introduce a thesis or topic, typically something divisive or powerful, and then you must take and discuss one side of that topic. Your objective is to persuade the reader to assume your standpoint, or at least to inform them and influence them to consider it. Distinct from a persuasive essay, which only examines the virtues of one point of view, the argumentative essay also introduces and examines the negative facets of the opposite side. Both aspects of the thesis are considered, albeit with the goal of promoting one side over the other.


When you are writing an argumentative essay, it is useful to select an issue that has concrete and objective data, especially if you can find information that supports your chosen view while discrediting the opposing standpoint. It is important to formulate a strong thesis statement in your opening paragraph, and to conclude your essay with the same idea and statement. The body of your essay paper should centre on providing supporting evidence.


By the conclusion of your essay, your reader should be well-informed about both viewpoints of the topic, with enough information to encourage them to consider your viewpoint, if not to be wholly persuaded to it.