Social Science Essays

September 30, 2017

All social science classes including psychology, sociology and anthropology to name a few, have an essay writing requirement. Within these courses, students are provided with materials and information however, it is their job to expand and investigate the topics on a deeper level. Essays given to provide students with the opportunity to expand their own knowledge and conduct self-research.
Writing social science essays are not a difficult task, if the writer has the right resources available and writing strategies to implement the resources. It is best to choose a topic within your field that is interesting to the writer as well as one where there are readily available sources. This can save time and further research. It is also helpful to select key quotes and references first so that the writer can then expand on the points and add a personal perspective.
When quoting sources, APA referencing is the most common form used and it is in the best interest of the writer to abide by it. There is also no harm in taking a multitude of information from a one or two great sources rather than one piece of information from many mediocre sources. The key to the social science essay writing process is that the writer uses the references they have to the best of their ability and create their own conclusions from the information found. Also, reflecting on the information by adding some prior knowledge as well as adding a new perspective can provide for an effective essay.