Should You Drop a University or College Class?

April 30, 2018 Custom Essay Blog

Reasons for dropping a university or college course can range from something as basic as a scheduling conflict, to a frustration with the number of essays you have to write, to something personal like a conflict with the professor.


Before dropping the class, think about the following. It is not wise to drop a course because of a professor’s style, but sometimes there are difficulties that are apparent. If the professor has an accent or a speech impediment, that might prove to be frustrating, but do give it a class or two.


Sometimes it all seems to become easier in a short time. Think about whether you are prepared for the class, or whether the material is more challenging than you feel you can handle. Before you drop the class, make sure that it is not a pre- or co-requisite for any other courses you have now, or that you expect to be taking in the future. It may not be offered in the next term, or even the next year.


Perhaps sit in on a different class for the same course. It could be that all the things that are causing you to consider dropping the first section are the same in this one. If you do decide to drop a class, do it right away.


There are financial penalties for dropping a class past a specified date, and there may very well be a wait list of other students who are hoping to take that class. The sooner you do drop it, the better.