Online Learning and Business

November 09, 2019 E-Learning and Essay Writing Help

In addition to colleges and universities, business organizations are adopting online learning as the a method to train their employees. For organizations and institutions to make this shift, which can be very costly, there must be a perception that using e-learning models for education can provide major benefits. Some of the benefits for learners and instructors are outlined in this article.


E-learning means that location and distance are not an issue. There is a business benefit to this approach because students can access the online materials at anytime. Another major benefit is the fact that learners can use the Internet to access relevant learning materials which means that their curriculum is always up-to-date. As well, students, whether corporate- or institution-based, are able to communicate with experts in the field in which they are studying which can augment the possible outcomes of their courses in terms of both content and professional networking. This means that business learners can complete online courses either while working on the job or after work.


For the average business, the major advantage of e-learning is that online materials can be regularly updated as needed, which means that learners are able to see the changes at once and increase their opportunities to learn, and businesses can keep their employees abreast with industry changes as needed. As well, if designed properly, online learning systems can therefore be used to determine business learners' needs and current level of expertise, and to assign appropriate materials for learners to select from and manage their online course load as needed.