In-class Essay Writing

April 30, 2018

Writing an essay in class can be quite challenging especially if time is limited and preparation is required. In any case, the student must spend a significant amount of time preparing for the in-class task. This preparation includes finding all appropriate material and resources, drawing out a clear essay plan which carefully details the order of the essay contents and a possible introduction or thesis statement.
If students are limited in time, it would be beneficial for them to write a draft essay if they know the exact topic ahead of time. They also might want to think about an estimated time that each paragraph or page will take them to write. Preparing a pre-written essay and managing time are essential in order to take away the added stress and anxiety that might be felt.
When it comes to in-class essays, feeling pressure is definitely expected. So rather than anticipating this pressure and struggling through it, the student should prepare themselves as much as possible with key information needed to write the required assignment. Some key information can include certain dates and times of event, possible quotes and other sources.
Some of the less-demanding tasks such as referencing sources should be completed ahead of time in cases where students know the material they will be using. In-class essay writers might also want to bring in a back-up plan including extra information that may not seem particularly relevant ahead of time but may come in handy during the essay writing task.