How to Create an E-Learning System

November 09, 2019 E-Learning and Essay Writing Help

In order for students at colleges and universities to be successful in their distance learning ventures, you can use the following tips when designing an e-learning system. These tips will allow your curriculum team to ensure that students are fully engaged in the learning process.


First, make sure that important information is placed in the center of the computer or system screen for optimized reading. Students need to be able to see important information right away when they glance at the screen for the first time.


Second, information which is determined to be critical for learning should be highlighted to focus students' attention. For example, in an online lesson, multiple levels of headings should be used to organize the course and lesson details. Layers of information should also be formatted in order to allow students to notice them.


Third, students need to be able to be told why they should take the lesson and why certain information is important to their success, so that they can pay attention to the right information and processes throughout the lesson. Instructors need to provide conceptual models and essay examples so that students can create their own mental models to learn the topic at hand.


Finally, the difficulty level of the material must match the cognitive level of the learner, so that the student can both attend to and relate to the material. Pre-instructional questions can be used in order to set expectations and to activate the students' existing knowledge structure. Links to both simpler and more complicated materials can be used.