Getting Control Over Your Online Education Course

November 09, 2019 E-Learning and Essay Writing Help

For some students to be successful in an e-learning college or university environment, they need to be able to take control over their own learning opportunities. The learner autonomy present in online coursework allows learners to move beyond the provision of their instructors and to engage with a greater variety of materials, learners, experts, support tools and fields. Student control can cover responses to exercises, pace and timing, choice of content, management of learning activities, learning goals and outcomes, overall direction and assessment of performance. At the same time, this can be a challenge for some learners because of the level of responsibility expected.


The difficulty is that students often feel that they learn by being taught, and when this aspect is removed from an instructional setting and the onus placed on the student there may be some who will not appreciate the different teaching style despite its more effective learning potential. Students cannot always garner an appreciation for the materials in the course when they are learning through reading, video and essay examples rather than through direct instruction.


A best-case online learning scenario is one in which students are guided through a highly structured interface to reach a collaborative solution, rather than a situation in which students are given an unstructured interface allowing for individual control in navigation. In other words, the best situation is one in which the learner has control of specific learning goals within the generalized goals offered by the course curriculum. For this reason, it is best to choose a course with this structure.