Developing Skills to Succeed at College or University

January 31, 2018 Custom Essay Blog

Beginning college or university is one of those unique times in your life when you can look at yourself and decide which of your values feel true to the inner you, and which are simply a pretence connected to your peers, your family, other outside influences. Now is the time when you get to decide who you want to be, how you’d like to present yourself to the world. Now is the time for introspection, for self-determination and self-creation.


Think about what you truly love about yourself, inside and out. Think about the things you regret, that maybe you’d like to change. Do you enjoy some courses and not others? Have you put in enough effort in your work in the past, or do you leave writing essays to the last minute? Is there some hidden goal that will make a difference to you over the long run?


As well, think about some of the people whom you admire. In the same way, think about the people who have had a negative influence, or whose choices you might find difficult to understand. From this you can pick and choose aspects that you might like to be known for yourself.


Think about who you are when you are your happiest, most confident self. Imagine what ideas are important to you, how others perceive you, how you feel about yourself. Now think back to those desirable traits. Can you see them in this new image of yourself? Having a fresh start allows you a clean slate, which might make it easier to redefine yourself.