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Our Referral Program

June 04, 2018 Custom Essay Blog

  Refer your friends and Get $40 OFF your next order   Here’s how -- Follow these 5 EASY STEPS:   Step 1: Sign in to your account to see your REFERRAL CODE -  Step 2: Share* your REFERRAL CODE with your friends directly or on so

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Getting Started on an Academic Path: Choosing the Right Courses

May 31, 2018 Custom Essay Blog

It is important to start your academic term off right. Life will settle into routines at college or university very quickly, but the best way to overcome any fears is to face them head on. It all falls to you now, and your choices will have consequences – it is up to you to decide if you want

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What type of essay are you writing?

May 31, 2018 How to Write Any Essay

People think that all essays are the same and therefore they should all be approached in the same way. While it is true that these tips and tricks can help with all essays, it is important that any writer be aware of the type of essay they are writing before they write it. The first question you mu

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Should You Drop a University or College Class?

April 30, 2018 Custom Essay Blog

Reasons for dropping a university or college course can range from something as basic as a scheduling conflict, to a frustration with the number of essays you have to write, to something personal like a conflict with the professor.   Before dropping the class, think about the following. It is

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In-class Essay Writing

April 30, 2018 How to Write Any Essay

Writing an essay in class can be quite challenging especially if time is limited and preparation is required. In any case, the student must spend a significant amount of time preparing for the in-class task. This preparation includes finding all appropriate material and resources, drawing out a clea

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Beginning University or College With Self-Confidence

March 31, 2018 Custom Essay Blog

With everything else going on, though you are at college or university for your education, classes may be the furthest thing from your mind. You may be nervous about starting out, including going to your first classes. Use these tips to help you adapt. Be proactive from the very start.   Ther

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Using Citations Without Fear: Best Practices

March 31, 2018 How to Write Any Essay

In a college or university essay, you need to make sure that you cite ideas properly. Here’s how.   Though the vast majority of your essay should be in your own words, it is important to use selective quotations from outside sources to express important points of view or important ideas

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Deciding on a College or University: First Steps

February 28, 2018 Custom Essay Blog

Making a decision about which colleges or universities to apply for and attend can be difficult. Nonetheless, there are many resources to help you. Start early, and allow time to research the institutions that are right for you. Think about what you want from your time at school. Begin with your val

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What is an Essay Rubric?

February 28, 2018 How to Write Any Essay

When you begin at a new college or university, one requirement for success which may surprise you is the need to suddenly expand your knowledge of jargon and even your ability to use a dictionary in an effective way. In fact, the meanings of words in the world of scholars are different from those in

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Developing Skills to Succeed at College or University

January 31, 2018 Custom Essay Blog

Beginning college or university is one of those unique times in your life when you can look at yourself and decide which of your values feel true to the inner you, and which are simply a pretence connected to your peers, your family, other outside influences. Now is the time when you get to decide w

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Writing 10+ Page Essays

January 31, 2018 How to Write Any Essay

No matter how long the essay, all pieces of writing need to be thought through precisely in order to create a clear, reader friendly product. Planning and preparation is particularly important when it comes to writing an essay that consists of more pages. It is vital to keep in mind the fact that th

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Graduate School: What Are Your Options?

December 31, 2017 Custom Essay Blog

Graduate school requires an enormous commitment, professionally, socially, and financially. After getting your undergraduate degree, you may intend to go to graduate school. Is it the right decision for you? Should you go directly from your undergraduate program to grad school? What about e-learning

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The Issue of Plagiarizing

December 31, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

Plagiarizing is a topic that is taken very seriously throughout every North American academic institution. Some individuals believe that it is an overrated concept however, in truth, it is a serious matter that can lead to severe punishment if infringed upon. Most students are fearful of plagiarizin

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What Professors Expect: Plan Ahead and Succeed

November 30, 2017 Custom Essay Blog

There are certain approaches to essay writing that can have a very positive effect on your essay grade. These are the things that put your essay on the top of the pile rather than relegating your work to the bottom of the class. Here’s a short list of things to look out for when you are planni

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Writing an Informal Essay

November 30, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

Informal essays are rare within the academic world however, they are required within specific courses and subjects. There are also assignments which require a personal element which require students to reflect on personal situations and experiences as well as provide personal opinions. This is a gre

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Primary and Secondary Sources

October 31, 2017 Custom Essay Blog

When you are writing an essay, it is important to keep in mind the difference between primary and secondary sources. This article will explain how to choose the right information you need to write an essay well. Primary sources are first hand empirical observations and data or information derived fr

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How to research an essay

October 31, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

Many individuals don’t mind the essay writing process. They may be skilled at putting their ideas on paper or reflecting and articulating concrete subject matter. However, what they do mind is the research element. Researching is, unfortunately for some, a required part of the essay writing pr

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Social Science Essays

September 30, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

All social science classes including psychology, sociology and anthropology to name a few, have an essay writing requirement. Within these courses, students are provided with materials and information however, it is their job to expand and investigate the topics on a deeper level. Essays given to pr

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Dealing with essay writing block

August 31, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

It is a known fact that most writers face moments when they can’t think of what to write. This has been coined as the term “writers’ block”. It is hard to continue the writing process when nothing comes to an individual’s mind or when they run out of ideas. There are so

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Writing an Essay about a topic you are unfamiliar with

July 31, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

Most individuals would probably groan at the thought of writing an essay they know nothing about. They may in fact be fearful and overwhelmed at the possibility of such a task. However, there is a lot of opportunity and fulfillment involved in writing an essay on an unfamiliar topic. This is because

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Writing a Comparative Essay

June 30, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

When writing a comparative essay it is important to consider the strategies used to compare the topics at hand. Just because it is a comparative essay, does not meant that the writer can’t come to a final conclusion or have a personal bias. Depending on the topic, the writer may or may not cho

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Topics that make for an Interesting essay

May 31, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

One of the most challenging parts of the essay writing process is choosing a topic. Most individuals spend endless amounts of time contemplating the topic of their essay. On the other hand some people dive into a topic only to later discover that it is not as effective as they originally thought. So

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You're done!

April 30, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

See, essay writing is not that hard, and with each and every one you do, it will become easier. The point of this E-Book has not been to make you a skilled essay writer immediately, it has been to give some insight on the process; insight that I have developed over a decade of writing essays. By usi

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The References

March 31, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

This is a tedious, yet necessary part of the process. There are many different referencing styles, the most popular being APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. Check our website, for links to instructions on how to do these properly. While the styles vary, the contents of them are the sa

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Don't forget the conclusion!

February 28, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

You have made it this far, all you need to do now is finish it off. The conclusion is not meant to say anything that you have not already said, the point of it is just to sum up the contents of the essay, and restate the thesis – you want to reaffirm the argument that was made in the paper. T

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The Body of the Essay

January 31, 2017 How to Write Any Essay

While this might seem like the most important part of the essay (and it is), if you follow the tips that I have already given you, this part will seem fairly straightforward because you are just putting into action what you have already learned. Once you have followed the previous steps, it is impor

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The Research Process - Post 2/2

December 31, 2016 How to Write Any Essay

You will need to go deeper to find legitimate academic sources to use, and this is not as hard as many people think it is. Once you have a basic understanding of the topic, you can then do one of three things: 1) Go to you online journal database and do a search there; 2) Go to Google Books and do a

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The Research Process - Post 1/2

November 30, 2016 How to Write Any Essay

I am going to discuss research before I discuss putting together the rest of the essay because I like to think of the introduction as a starting point for research. Once you have broken down the essay question (what is being asked of you), and you have formulated a draft of the introduction, you wil

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The Introduction: Setting the Framework for your Essay

October 31, 2016 How to Write Any Essay

The introduction to your essay is one of the most critical parts because it lays out the path that it will follow, and this is important because it guides the reader - it tells them what the essay is about, what the research question it will address, how it will address that research question, and u

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Breaking Down the Essay Question

September 30, 2016 How to Write Any Essay

Many people do not realize how important this is, and that is why they become so lost in the process of trying to write an essay. In my years as an essay writer, I have come to learn the importance of being able to break down an essay question to figure out exactly what is being asked of the writer.

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What to think about with short essays

December 17, 2015 M

When writing an essay, one might think that a short essay (3-5 pages) is easier than that of a long one. It does not occur to many individuals however, that a shorter essay requires more attention to detail. Considering the fact that an essay is shorter usually requires more information to be conden

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The Evolution of

December 15, 2015 M Custom Essay Blog

Custom Essay Ltd. (what is now has been serving clients since the 1980s - we truly are the original custom essay writing company. The company was founded by Derek who determined a demand for this type of service while he was at school. When he started, it was a small office located

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